Golf Simulator Software for SkyTrak

June 9, 2017

"If I had to choose my favorites so far, one would be Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf for the overall high quality of courses and smooth, realistic gameplay. I also will keep Creative Golf 3D on hand for entertainment options like mini-golf to play with my kids and friends.But the good news is all of SkyTrak’s five simulation software partners offer high-quality gameplay, realistic and accurate 3D ball flight, and the ability to play 18 holes anytime, anywhere, on some of the best courses around the world."


Review: SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch and Tracking System
April 25, 2017

"As an all-in-one system this is a triumph from SkyCaddie and if you love a good bit of tech out on the golf course we think the Linx GT will be right up your street."


Crown Golf installs SkyTrak at 22 venues

April 3, 2017

"The UK’s largest golf club operator, Crown Golf, has installed SkyTrak launch monitors at 22 venues after a successful year-long trial at several of its clubs"


5 Must-Haves To Gear Up For Spring Golf

Westchester Magazine
March 1, 2017

"Like the menu at your favorite ice cream shop, GPS watches come in a multitude of flavors. SkyGolf, though has combined their latest model, the LinxGT, with SmartTag tracking technology and an app for your smartphone to tell you everything you need to know…"


6 Golf Swing Analysers To Help Improve Your Game
August 9, 2016

"The SkyPro is one of the market leaders in terms of swing analysis technology and for good reasons."


7 Best Golf Rangefinders and GPS Devices

July 21, 2016

" For the better golfers, using it may feel like cheating but for the rest of us, it’s a welcome assist.”"


SkyCaddie SW2 Watch Revealed

Golf Monthly
February 22, 2016

"The new SkyCaddie SW2 Watch is lighter and slimmer than its predecessor and boasts a host of features to gain accurate distances at a glance."


SkyCaddie LINX GT Puts Game Tracking On Your Wrist

Today’s Golfer
February 19, 2016

"SkyCaddie’s new top-of-the-range Linx GT GPS watch, brings together game-tracking technology with GPS accuracy, giving you what they call a "best of everything" solution."


SkyCaddie Launches LINX GT To Put A Pro Caddie On Every Golfer’s Wrist

February 15, 2016

"Amateur golfers now have the closest thing to a Tour caddie’s actual yardage book on their wrist. SkyCaddie LINX GT is a GPS watch with built-in club tag sensors that allows users to track the club, location and distance of each shot."


SkyCaddie LINX GT Revealed

Golf Monthly
February 9, 2016

"SkyCaddie’s new top-of-the-range GPS watch, the SkyCaddie LINX GT, adds game-tracking to its GPS accuracy when integrated with the SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App to produce an innovative wrist-mounted golf information system."


SkyGolf introduces two new game tracking devices

January 28, 2016

"Designed to be a complete system, the SkyGolf GameTracker provides both the distances you need via the integrated SkyCaddie Mobile Rangefinder app, but also easily captures the club used, distances and the location of each shot."


SkyTrak Brings Launch Monitor In Budget

September 10, 2015

"SkyTrak combines the accuracy of a professional-grade golf launch monitor, suitable for golf equipment custom-fitting, with the high definition visuals of top-end golf simulator software, at a fraction of the cost."


SkyTrak Golf Simulator Launches At Under £1,700

Golf Retailing
July 9, 2015

"SkyTrak provides the accurate measurements of a commercial-quality launch monitor, at a fraction of the cost."


Buyer’s Guide: Personal Launch Monitors

March 16, 2015

"Offers a plethora of data, reliability, and consistency at an affordable price. SkyTrak is your most accurate option under $2,000."


Two North Carolina-Based Companies Share Their Vision For Improving The Game of Golf

Triad Golf Today & Triangle Golf Today
March 4, 2015

"SkyTrak brings commercial-grade technology — the type a consumer would likely find used by professional instructors and clubfitters — into the home."


Equipment: Three things to take from PGA Show

Morning Drive
January 27, 2015

"The launch monitor has gotten personal and SkyTrak, the size of a lunch box, gives you detailed information."


PGA Show: SkyPro's Game Improvement App

Golf Central
January 23, 2015

"George Savaricas stops by the SkyGolf booth at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show to check out their newest innovative products."


SkyCaddie AIRE II First Look
November 20, 2014

"SkyCaddie Aire II gets dynamic distances from angle of approach, plus upgradeability."


A Few of Our Favorite Things

November 19, 2014

"Hopping on a launch monitor can be fun and beneficial though often costly and inconvenient. SkyTrak makes the experience accessible and affordable."


Ten of the Best: Golf GPS Devices 2014 (SkyCaddie TOUCH)
April 23, 2014

"In addition to the 34,000 preloaded courses with ‘best-in-class’ resolution, golfers can also download and store up to 100 course maps in much higher HD graphics than any competitive device with its new ‘onDemand’ feature."


SkyGolf Introduces SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf Digest
February 27, 2013

"The quest for better golf through technology has been undertaken by SkyGolf, maker of the SkyCaddie rangefinder, with the introduction of SkyPro."


SkyTrak: Let's Have Launch

SI Golf Gift Guide
December 7, 2012