The SkyCaddie Difference

Lasers require a steady hand and line of sight to give you only one number. Other golf GPS devices are wrong 50% of the time. Only SkyCaddie has the accuracy and features you need to play better.

Why Our Maps Are Better

We take no shortcuts. Our Mappers walk EVERY course with professional-grade survey equipment to eliminate known errors found in course map libraries used by all other devices.

View Our Rangefinders

The SkyCaddie rangefinder, combined with our TrueGround Maps, gives you the same course information that Tour Players expect from their Caddies. Nothing Else Comes Close.™

Test Drive IntelliGreen Pro

Our patented IntelliGreen Pro displays the exact shape of the green from your angle of approach. Get all critical green yardages, plus the shape of major contours that may affect play.