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"If you use anything other than a SkyCaddie, you're throwing SHOTS and MONEY out the window!" — Hank Haney, World Reknown Golf Instructor



Only SkyCaddie walks EVERY golf course, with the permission and insight of the local golf pro, using professional-grade GPS survey equipment to eliminate the known errors found in all other map libraries.

  • SkyCaddie has been rated more accurate than lasers by a margin of 3-to-2
  • SkyCaddie has been rated more accurate than other GPS devices by ratios ranging from 8-to-1 to 23-to-1


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One Number is Never Enough

Get instant yardages quickly and easily without aiming or requiring a line of site. The SkyCaddie provides information you can trust to help you save strokes.



With the SkyCaddie you can always play a safe shot. The SkyCaddie will tell you the distance to either layup in front of, or fly right over, any trouble. Plus, you’ll always know how far you are from the center of the green... even if you can’t see it! Try doing that with a laser rangefinder!



No Tour Player or Tour Caddie would rely on aerial images or flyovers for distances. Neither should you.

Did you know that other GPS devices can be wrong up to 50% of the time?

The reason is twofold: The first problem with other golf GPS devices is the components used in their products and the second is how they create their maps.

The antenna and GPS engine can produce poor results when tested for golf application. The error in GPS is circular. As the satellite signals are received, the signals can register as accurate up to 50% of the time (50% CEP) and the other 50% they can be up to 0-15 yards off. When the error is in line with your target, the error is revealed in distance that is either too short or too long. When the error is perpendicular to your target, the error can be disguised. The problem with the poor quality components of these other GPS devices is the inconsistency of their accuracy.

The second part of the problem is their maps, which are often second or third generation maps. No other company in golf GPS walks every course with high precision, survey grade equipment that measures to under a yard. Without verifying the exact location of tee boxes, bunkers, hazards, greens, etc., the map error compounds the error that already exists in the hardware.



High Precision Map + High Precision GPS Device = Accuracy You Can Trust

The accuracy of the base map itself. If the map has errors, the GPS will have errors.

The accuracy of the GPS device while playing. All GPS devices are imperfect, but not equal when it comes to accuracy. Minimizing device error is just as crucial and just as challenging.

TOTAL ERROR = Map Error + GPS Device Error

HOLE #6 - This course underwent a renovation. On this hole, the tee boxes, green and bunkers were reshaped. Only SkyCaddie® shows the correct info.




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